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The Halfmoon 6' Organic Cotton Loop Strap, the perfect companion for enhancing your yoga practice. This thoughtfully designed strap features a fixed loop on one end, allowing for effortless and convenient use during your stretches, binds, and postures.Experience the benefits of this versatile tool as you deepen your stretches, achieve greater flexibility, and expand your reach. With its organic cotton construction, the strap offers a soft and comfortable hand feel, ensuring a pleasant experience during your practice.Key Features:Made from 100% organic cotton, promoting sustainability and eco-consciousnessFeatures a fixed loop end for quick and easy useBoasts a soft cotton hand feel, enhancing comfort during your practiceSpecifications:Dimensions: 1.5" x 6’ (3.8 cm x 183 cm)Crafted from high-quality organic cotton webbingEquipped with a brushed nickel slide buckle for secure adjustmentsProudly made in TaiwanElevate your yoga practice with our 6' Organic Cotton Loop Strap. Unlock new levels of flexibility, deepen your stretches, and achieve optimal alignment. Order yours today and experience the difference it can make in your yoga journey.

Halfmoon 6' Organic Cotton Loop Strap

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